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Mountain bike

Dec 21, 2016

Mountain bike, which originated in United States in 1974, Gary Fisher, and Charlie Kelly, Tom Ritchey wants a bike can ride outside the road, away from the "police, cars and buildings", then they start to Accessories and motorcycle parts installed on a sturdy ATV before World War II.

That same year, Gary Fisher and his friends without the fear of death, "Malpas Tower Hill tour" paved the way for the emergence of a new riding style. Gary Fisher in mountainous areas caused a buzz his Klunker is Mountain Bike Action magazine as "top ten mountain bike history."

1976 Charlie Kelly started promoting the new downhill, this was the first great mountain biking activities. Charlie Kelly delegate Joe Breeze designed and developed mountain bike, which is manufacturing the first-ever "mountain bike" and named "Breeze".

Joe Breeze to Breeze for the prototype between 1977 to 1978 completed designs and manufactures the 9 Series models, Breeze's prototype is now in the United States Smithsonian National Museum.