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Sports development

Dec 21, 2016

Mountain bike sports, France players in today's international competition has developed into a new force, and other giants such as the United States and Australia became the leader of this movement. France first in the World Championship downhill project (Downhill Event) played the triumphant song, driver fuerluosi (N.Vouilloz) and Shute (Gachot) obtained the Crown of the men's downhill race, the runner-up. The women's downhill, Shu (A.C.Chausson), on behalf of France won the tournament on the other side at the youth games, is noteworthy, in that category, she won first place in the time, even faster than the records to the senior player, France very strong in downhill project. Cross-project, Netherlands Ban Zansi (B.Brentjens) pressure group as men's champion, women's Crown by Canada horsewoman Xian Dai (A.Sydor). This batch of newly-crowned world's "King of the mountain", in this conquered Germany after the Black Forest, will take on a bigger challenge--mountain bike has been international rows on the athletes and has 96 Atlanta Games debut as a contest.