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2014 Xinri Electric Vehicle Started Electric Intelligent Development

Dec 21, 2016

For the history of electric bikes in China, generally recognized in the industry as the three stages of development: electric bicycle early stage, early stage of production scale, speeding development stage.

Primary stage is also known as electric bikes is the early stages of experimental production of electric bicycles, speaking from the time, that is, from 1995 to 1999. The four parts of this stage is mainly to electric bicycles, motor, battery, charger and controller of key technology exploration study. Production is mainly in research and development to manufacturing enterprises, by themselves, bring together information, tracking technology, tissue market, small quantities of market trial launch, also makes electric bikes begin to enter the consumer's perspective, and are they authorized to accept. Technically speaking, early motorized bicycles, new battery charged only travel about 30 miles at a time, short battery life, poor climbing ability, easy to wear, and motor are brush gear motor. But this time the accumulation, for now the size of the industry in talents, technology and product development and other aspects of the Foundation.

Second a stage is was called early now production scale of stage, is due to this time paragraph within appeared has several will electric bike advance of opportunities, makes in primary stage in difficult dimension difficult of electric bike suddenly ushered in has spring, more Yes industry of development into has scale, and this several opportunities among most has value of is for all city of "ban motorcycle makes" and 2003 degrees of "SARS"