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The Performance Of Electric Bicycles Is Rising

Jun 08, 2017

Electric bike to travel more fashionable, so that the city is younger, with a new visual design, ultra-modern structure and color, so you enjoy riding, electric bicycles are low-carbon travel

Electric bicycle, refers to the battery as a supplementary energy on the basis of ordinary bicycles, the installation of the motor, controller, battery, handlebar and other control components and display instrumentation system of mechanical and electrical integration of personal transport; 2013 "China Electric bicycle industry innovation peak forum "data show that China's electric bicycles cut through the 2013 volume of 200 million,  and has been in dispute in the electric bike" new national standard "will also be introduced.  Electric Bike The new national standard is expected to set off a big change in the electric bicycle industry.

The initial stage of electric bicycles is also known as the early stage of experimental production of electric bicycles, from time to time, that is, from 1995 to 1999. This stage is mainly on the four major electric bike, motor, battery, charger and controller of the key technology to explore the study. In the R & D and production is mainly to produce spontaneous collection of information, tracking technology, organizational market observation, small batch of market trial put on, but also makes electric bicycles began to enter the consumer's vision,  Electric Bike and they gradually recognized to accept. From the technical level, the early electric bike, the new battery charge can only travel about 30 km, battery life is short, climbing ability is poor, easy to wear, and the motor is also brushless toothless motor. But the accumulation of this period, only for the current scale of the industrialization of talent, technology and product development and other aspects of the foundation.

The second stage is called the initial production scale of the stage, is due to this period of time there will be a few electric bikes to promote the opportunity, making the early stages of struggling electric bike suddenly ushered in the spring, more The development of the industry has entered a large scale, with the key technical breakthroughs and the performance of electric bicycles continue to improve, so that electric bicycles become a motorcycle and bicycle alternative products, and its fast, environmentally friendly, convenient and cheap, while But also inspired the market for the demand for electric bicycles. In the growing market demand, the previous R & D and production enterprises quickly rise, some new enterprises have begun to enter, their electric bicycle investment is also increasing, making the rapid expansion of production capacity (see details of Table 1.1). Moreover, this time quickly jump up the business is generous operation, has been the older generation of R & D and production enterprises behind.  Electric Bike However, some well-known brands as the representative of the scale of enterprises has been formed, and in accordance with the North-South differences, but also formed the industry's Jiangsu Wuxi, Zhejiang, Tianjin, represented by the three major industrial agglomeration.

The most important part of the electric bicycle is the motor, an electric bicycle motor basically determines the performance and grade of the car. Electric bicycle used by the motor are mostly efficient rare earth permanent magnet motor, which is mainly divided into high-speed brush teeth + wheel motor, low-speed brush motor and low-speed brushless motor three.