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Characteristics Of Mountain Bikes

Jun 08, 2017

The mountain bike is riding in the mountains, so climbing has become an indispensable part of this movement. In addition to having a strong physique and enough strength, the right riding skills also help the driver to successfully cope with a variety of mountain road. Mountain Electric Bike The way the mountain bike is generally controlled by a brake.

The mountain bike is a bike designed to walk for off-road (hills, trails, wilderness and sandy gravel, etc.), riding mountain bike picnic, cross country now has been more and more Chinese young people like to become a healthy The fashion movement is popular.

First of all, talk about the structure of the tire, the bike's open tires, Mountain Electric Bike that is, by the weaving of the main body of the tires, affixed to a layer of fetal skin to wear when rolling, and buried two fetal lip used to fix the tire Wheel frame, so that the formation of the main tires. As bicycle tires are thinner, they are easily punctured or cut, and most of them add a layer of explosion between the fetus and the web to increase the strength of the tire. Every time a large vehicle due to burst out of a car accident in the social news, the problem of renewable tires will always be out to review. The so-called regenerated tires, is to remove the wear of the fetus, to retain the original carcass, and then re-paste a layer of fetal skin. Do not feel like it is unreliable, in fact, Mountain Electric Bike the tire is like this.

Speaking of the characteristics of the characteristics of the tire, nothing more than talking about these aspects: rolling resistance, grip, road feel, wear resistance, explosion, weight and so on. In addition there are two often overlooked features that are power transmission and manufacturing quality. Mountain Electric Bike The following is a more popular argument to introduce these features.

Rolling Resistance: When the wheels start rolling, you will want it to roll down and do not slow down, of course this is not possible because it will face wind resistance and other resistance. Tire rolling resistance is smaller, the easier the speed to maintain, in other words you use the same strength to step on the situation, the speed will be accelerated, without the need to accelerate and increase the effort. So, Mountain Electric Bike the smaller the better the rolling resistance.

Wear resistance: Now the bicycle tires are generally expensive, expensive things we do not want to use something on the bad, this time you need to consider the wear resistance. The better the wear resistance, the longer the tire can be used. Explosion-proof tire can be said to be engaged in the most common experience of cycling leisure movement, and in order to lightweight, tire tires are often only a thin layer, not easy to endure stone, glass, branches of the puncture. Most of the tires used outside the explosion-proof design, Mountain Electric Bike to avoid foreign body pierced the weaving.

The mountain bike can climb up to 30 degrees uphill and ride down 45 degrees or even steeper downhill, limited by tire grip. But there are many times, riders because of cycling improper posture, or because of the lack of certain riding skills, which led to the uphill failure, became a "cart". Even some of the riders are also in the downhill when being seriously injured, so love cycling, you must master a certain riding skills, Mountain Electric Bike the following together to see the skills downhill.

Adjust your riding position to make climbing long slopes easier.

When the slope becomes steep, bend your arm and sit closer to the front of the seat cushion, which makes it easy to trample the effort, while also helping to balance.

Try to make your upper body as much as possible not to contribute, to avoid pulling the handle in the effort. In the climb when your best posture should be to make your arm without effort, or even only use your fingertips to manipulate the direction.

Mountain bike uphill skills: steep uphill start, we should always be in the middle of the steep slope to feel very difficult on the bus, right? You should learn how to start riding in such circumstances.

Mountain bike stalls to set the first light (before the small plate - after the big flywheel, 3x9 / 8/7)

You can stand in front of the cushions or sit on top, but the angle of the body must be kept upright.

Steep and steep down, your center of gravity closer to the tire, tire grip will be smaller. So steep uphill when your chest to close the handle, Mountain Electric Bike and in the steep when the abdomen is close to the cushion.

If the posture is wrong, in the steep when the stand too erect, will let the center of gravity too partial front, there is no absorption of the impact of space. [Right] uphill when the body is too behind, then let the front wheel tilt.