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Battery Maintenance

Dec 21, 2016

(1) match the charger and battery.

Electric power car with battery is was filling bad of, and not with bad of, visible charger and battery match of importance, here has two species situation: a is new charger itself and battery manufacturers provides of parameter not match, II is charger itself of components quality poor, just began using Shi, also is match, with consumers filling, and discharge cycle using, charger itself due to temperature rose, components aging, led charging voltage and conversion current produced drift, battery by damaged.

(2) regular, timely recharging.

Consumer manual the nominal service life cycle is usually there was a misunderstanding, that a single charge, battery life is reduced by one, so the power consumption of the battery to the controller every protection 31.5V start recharging, but this will not only protect the battery and shorten battery life. So to remind consumers, in may cases, it is timely to recharging the battery.

(3) no led display undervoltage situations continue to ride. Some consumers are riding on the road, led displays under voltage condition, taking a break from riding for a period, so the battery causing great harm, severe discharge will or generate a lead to battery salt crystal, battery short-circuit, affecting life.

(4) electric power cars started, climbing, overloading should try to help.

(5) riding in the rain, switches and connectors get wet should be avoided to prevent leakage.