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Chinese Standard

Dec 21, 2016

Electric bike the most important standard of 4 countries: must pedal to achieve human ride; the maximum design speed is not more than 20km/h; vehicle mass not greater than 40kg; the motor output power less than 240W;

Electric bicycle (electricbicycle)

Battery as a secondary energy source, with two wheels, to achieve human riding, electric or electric powered functions for special bikes.

Technical requirements:

1. Max speed: should be no more than 20km/h and (article 58 of the law, electric car has a maximum speed of not more than 15 km)

2. Vehicle quality: less than 40kg (including battery);

3. Foot-crossing ability: must have good riding pedal function, 30min foot distance shall be not less than 7km;

4. Continue the mileage: continue the mileage on a single charge should be no less than 25km;

5. Maximum ride noise: electric speed riding speed (electric powered electrically assisted ride at 15km/h~18km/h speed) the noise should not exceed 62dB (a); 100km of electric energy consumption shall be not more than 1.2kW • h;

6. Power consumption per hundred kilometers: the electric bike (electric power of electric powered ride), 100km power consumption shall not exceed


7. Motor power: rated continuous output power shall be not more than 240W;