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Electric Bicycle

Dec 21, 2016

Electric bike, is refers to to battery as auxiliary energy in General bike of based Shang, installation has motor, and controller, and battery, and turned put gate put, manipulation parts and displayed instrument system of electromechanical integration of personal transport; 2013 "China electric bike industry innovation peak Forum" data displayed, China electric bike as 2013 keep volume breakthrough 200 million car, and has been in dispute among of electric bike "new GB" also will introduced. New national standard is expected to bring about a big change in the electric bicycle industry.

From the 80 's of the last century in China, some people developed electric bicycles, and constantly improve its structure. Until the beginning of the century electric bike can be promoted into millions of families. Electric bikes have made great contributions to the development of staff: former Director of Shanghai Institute of bike Wang Peiyuan, Li Zhijian, Chairman of Hangzhou jianye electric vehicle company, and more. Electric bicycles are a means of energy saving and environmental protection.