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Electric Bicycle Traveling Between Zero Emissions

Jul 18, 2017

Electric bicycle refers to the battery as a supplementary energy on the basis of ordinary bicycles, the installation of the motor, controller, battery, handle and other control parts and display instrumentation system of mechanical and electrical integration of personal transport.

Electric bike is very suitable for China's national conditions, very promising green transport. It is the promotion and application, is to solve the common people's difficulties and ease the city's major air pollution initiatives. Electric bicycles is currently the only technology among the various types of electric vehicles are more mature, able to mass production and commercialization of the type, such as electric cars, electric bus,  Electric Bike from the commercialization stage there is a greater distance.

The seven major advantages of electric bicycles are:

Zero emissions between the road, do not pollute the atmosphere;

The price of 2-3 thousand rounds, 100 km power consumption is only about 1 degree, the people can accept;

A charge can do 30-50 km,  Electric Bike to solve the needs of urban cycling office workers, a larger market demand;

Speed is not high, about 15 km per hour, (especially the light pedal of the intelligent electric bike) will not be other human bikes and pedestrians constitute a threat and security issues;

Most of the spare parts used with the bike common, easy to repair;

Users use during the day, the middle of the night charge, is conducive to the balance of power sector load;

The large number of electric bikes are listed and for export,  Electric Bike which can generate new industries and valuable economic growth points.

Three characteristics of electric bicycle market

Urban traffic pressure in 2015 is still the city of China's disease, electric bicycles in recent years has become a dark horse in the way of transportation to low-carbon environmental characteristics by more and more people of all ages to electric car single electric Car brand, for example,  Electric Bike in 2014 reached 400 million sales. 2015 is about to end, 2016 electric bicycle market will have what kind of market characteristics? With the status quo in 2015, we can analyze one or two. The following are the same as the "

Features 1: electric bicycle market is still the main consumer in the city

China's government will continue to increase urbanization, the next few years, more people from rural areas to the city, there will be more cities will rise for the continued demand for electric bicycles to provide protection. To Emma electric car, for example, the official data, Emma electric car in the whole of China's business outlets have reached more than 6,000, which means that Emma electric car market is also at least China's third-line, four-tier cities , Including some small towns, the market space is still huge.

However, the current situation, electric bicycles,  Electric Bike the main consumer market is still in the city, and the city surrounded by rural areas continue to spread.