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Electric Bike Before Purchase

Dec 21, 2016

1. Select brand. Pay attention to choose a well-known brand, quality and service are guaranteed.

2. Selected models. Different models, their safety and performance varied greatly. Recommended choosing a simple, portable.

3. Appearance. Note the smooth surface, gloss, pay attention to the quality of welding, painting, electroplating.

4. To find the feeling. A test ride and feel the smoothness of starting, acceleration, vehicle, vehicle handling and comfort, check the tightness of the brakes, wheels, handlebar flexibility activities.

5, check procedures. Check the production license, instruction for use, whether the certificate is valid and complete, check the vehicle with accessories are complete. Special attention for the local approved licensing models.

6. See configuration. Key parts, such as batteries, motor, charger, controller, tire, turn the lever is a brand of products. Best selected brushless motor.