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Electric Bikes Have Come Into Our Lives

Jul 05, 2017

Electric bike is very suitable for China's national conditions, very promising green transport. It is the promotion and application, is to solve the common people's difficulties and ease the city's major air pollution initiatives. Electric bicycles is currently the only technology among the various types of electric vehicles are more mature, able to mass production and commercialization of the type, such as electric cars, electric bus, from the commercialization stage there is a greater distance.

Electric bicycles of the seven major advantages are: * travel between the zero emissions, do not pollute the atmosphere; * price 2-3 thousand round,  Electric Bike 100 km power consumption is only about 1 degree, the people can accept; * a charge can do 30-50 km, To solve the needs of urban cycling office workers, there is a greater market demand; * speed is not high, about 15 km per hour, (especially the light pedal of the intelligent electric bike) will not be a threat to other human bikes and pedestrians And the safety of the problem; * Most of the spare parts and bicycles common, easy to repair; * Users during the day, the middle of the night charging,  Electric Bike is conducive to the balance of the power sector load; * Electric bicycles listed and launched a large number of exports, to generate new industries and valuable economy growth point.

Electric bicycles in people's lives or considered relatively popular, especially the city. Even now the country, or even there is no trace of electric bicycles. Electric bicycles because of the speed than the pedal bike, do not have to pedal so tired, no need to pedal to automatically drive,  Electric Bike no motorcycle operation so troublesome and other characteristics, has entered our lives, then, what are the advantages of it, please listen Xiaobian to carefully analyze for you.

1 cheap, suitable for working family. Electric bicycle prices are generally in the 1000 yuan to 3,000 yuan, compared to the motorcycle, has been much cheaper.

2 stepping is not tired: As a result of battery + motor drive, do not have to foot on the automatic driving. This is hard for people who work hard every day, or more convenient than the bike, more relaxed.

3 speed: Although less than motorcycles, but faster than the pedal bike speed.

4 can be convenient to work: If the company is very close to the place to live, about 5 km, then use the electric bike to get off work or very convenient. You can also take a little luggage,  Electric Bike go to the supermarket to buy some food Han's camel back, very easy.

5 easy to learn: no motorcycle so hard to learn, as long as they will ride a bike, electric bike or very fast. The only thing to note is that the beginning is not familiar with button operations, brakes, etc., so be sure to slow down.

6 compared to the motorcycle can be more secure: because the speed is slower than the motorcycle, motorcycle than easy to control, so the security can still be assured.