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Electric Bikes Have Come Into Our Lives

Aug 21, 2017

Electric bicycles are very suitable for China's national conditions, very promising green transportation. Its popularization and application is a major measure to solve the difficulties of ordinary people and to alleviate the city's air pollution. Electric bicycle is also the only technology of all kinds of electric vehicles is more mature,  Electric Bike can mass production and commercialization of the type, other such as electric cars, electric bus, distance from the commercialization stage there is a greater distance.

The seven advantages of electric bicycles are: * Zero emissions between the road, not pollute the atmosphere; * The price of 23,000 yuan, hundred kilometers power consumption is only 1 degrees, the people can accept; * A charge can be 30-50 kilometers, can solve the needs of the city bike commuters, have a larger market demand; * The speed is not high, 15 kilometers an hour or so, (especially the light pedal smart electric bicycle) does not pose a threat and safety problem to other human bicycles and pedestrians; *  Electric Bike Most of the spare parts are used in common with bicycles, easy to repair; * User daytime use, midnight Charge, in favor of the power sector balance load; * The large number of electric bicycles listed and exported, can generate new industries and valuable economic growth points.

Electric bicycles are still fairly popular in people's lives, especially in cities. Even now in the countryside, there is not even a trace of electric bicycles. Electric bicycles because of faster than pedal bicycles, no pedal so tired, no need to foot can automatically drive,  Electric Bike no motorcycle operation so troublesome characteristics, has come into our life, then, it has what the advantages of it, please listen to Xiao Bian to carefully analyze for you.

1 is cheap, suitable for the work of a family. The price of electric bicycles is generally about 1000 yuan to 3000 yuan, which is much cheaper than that of motorcycles.

2 Tread not tired: because rely on battery + motor drive,  Electric Bike without foot tread can automatically drive. This is more convenient and easier for people who work hard every day than bicycles.

3 fast: Although not as much as a motorbike, it is faster than a bicycle pedal.

4 can be convenient to work: If the company is close to the place to live, 5 kilometers or so to use electric bikes to commute is very convenient. can also take some luggage, go to the supermarket to buy a order what camel back, very relaxed.

5 Easy to learn: no motorcycle so difficult to learn,  Electric Bike as long as can ride a bicycle, electric bike is very fast. The only thing to be aware of is that you're not familiar with button operation, braking, etc., so be sure to slow down.

6 compared to motorcycles can be much safer: because the speed is slower than motorcycles, also easier to control than motorcycles, so security can be assured.