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Folding Electric Bicycle Energy Saving And Environmental Protection

Jun 21, 2017

With the increasingly crowded city traffic, travel has become the focus of attention topics, and short-distance travel which is particularly concerned by the vast number of consumers, because it is closely related to people's daily lives. In order to solve the city's "last mile" travel problems, lightweight, portable folding electric bicycles more and more people choose the mainstream, and Zijia You riding a tour of travel has also been favored by many families, then what Folding is the most convenient way? It is not only need to fold up very convenient, Floding Electric Bike the volume after folding should be small and portable.

Folding electric bike with the main beam unfolded design, folding can also be divided into three steps, the first will be the release of the lock button, the handlebar to the side of the homeopathic down, then the seat tube to the highest position (keep And then hold the car up and up, Floding Electric Bike until the front and rear wheels and together, then you will find that the wheel position of the magnetic suction device will be connected together, and finally put the tube to the lowest position to complete the folding.

Folding electric bike, in fact, is a super light electric car, but it is different from the general electric car, its unique

Is the product small size, folding, compact design, excellent material and sophisticated manufacturing process. Floding Electric Bike Production of materials such as magnesium alloy and other special light

Made of quality, very light weight.

The main features of folding electric bicycles

Energy saving and environmental protection, scalable folding, quick disassembly, challenge "blocking city", driving picnic fashion partner

Environmental protection lithium battery, LCD instrument, Floding Electric Bike compass and other high-end configuration, the new choice of holiday gifts