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Folding Electric Bicycle In Line With National Speed Limit Requirements

Jul 18, 2017

Folding electric bicycle features: energy saving, scalable folding, quick disassembly, challenge "blocking city", driving picnic fashion partner

1. Folding electric bike is a new way of folding. It does not even need to operate any mechanism (for example: quick release, latch, elastic screw) that can easily fold or open. This is currently on the market any folding electric bike can not do.

2. Fold or open the fastest. Fold 0.6 seconds, open 0.3 seconds. If you want to take it on the bus or take the subway, then when the bus or subway stop, you start to fold, can calmly.

Which is currently on the market any folding electric bike can not do.

3. Half-fold can be implemented as if it were not folded, standing. Floding Electric Bike Plus it is folded after the small footprint, so it is easy to carry into the bus or into the subway than any folding bike on the market today. It is particularly worth mentioning that it can also enter the shops, hospitals, cinemas, classrooms, offices, etc., users carry it in daily work and life can be unimpeded. Which is currently on the market any folding electric bike can not do.

4. riding safety by Currently on the market there is a non-folding short mini bike, Floding Electric Bike although easy to carry, but riding is not safe, easy to turn before or after the fall. While the ultra-portable folding electric bike ride safe and reliable, not before the turn after the fall.

5. Riding fast Because the two-stage drive is set to accelerate, Floding Electric Bike although the wheel diameter is small, but the speed of human driving and high-speed bike as fast.

6. To further fold, the volume is further reduced, this time into the car rear box is very convenient. Fully folded after 12-inch car for the 710x180x670 16-inch car for the 850x180x750

7. Vehicle weight light 12-inch car for 15.5 kg 16-inch car for 16.5 kg

8. Can be powered by electricity, can also be driven by manpower. When you need fitness or when the battery runs out, Floding Electric Bike select the manpower drive.

9. Battery: 24V 9AH

10. Motor: 24V 180W brushless motor

11. Electric drive speed: 19.5KM / hour (in full compliance with the state of the electric car speed limit requirements)

12. Each charge mileage: 25 km to 30 km