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Folding Electric Bicycle Is A Kind Of Environmental Transport

Sep 12, 2017

In order to facilitate the day-to-day travel, electric cars have become the most popular means of transport in people's lives, and in electric vehicles there is a class of more special electric vehicles, which is folding electric bicycles, with its own unique advantages, folding electric bicycles from fun to easy to use, Floding Electric Bike and gradually into the people's lives, For people to travel to provide a more convenient choice. What are the advantages of folding electric bicycles compared to traditional electric cars? Which users are fit to choose folding electric bikes? Let's sum it up.

Advantages of folding electric bicycles:

1. Collapsible

From the name of "Folding electric bicycle", it is easy to understand its structural natural advantages, folding electric bicycles can be used in more scenes because of the natural properties of folding, such as the need to transfer other means of transport in the trip, Floding Electric Bike Folding electric bicycle will be more convenient to carry; Can be quickly incorporated, but also more space-saving, in the car can be easily placed in the trunk, when the journey is necessary, as a means of transport to use, for our travel to bring more fun.

2. More lightweight

Another great advantage of folding electric bicycles is that the body is lightweight, compared to the traditional electric vehicle, will not give the rider heavy burden, Floding Electric Bike the general folding electric vehicle weight under 20kg, than the ordinary bike is more portable, even for girls can easily move, even if the user living at the top, Folding Electric bikes can also be easily moved home, Floding Electric Bike and this is the most effective way to prevent the theft of electric cars, this is a lot of office workers choose folding Electric bicycles One of the main reasons.

3. More Energy saving

The advantage of folding electric car more energy-saving, one is because folding electric bicycle is more lightweight, in the same battery capacity, the natural life mileage will be longer, Floding Electric Bike on the other hand is the folding electric car pedal design, so that users in the battery can also be normal ride, the user will not be stranded in the road, from this point, Users do not have to worry too much about folding electric bikes mileage, for traditional electric vehicles, life has become the most need to consider the factors, Floding Electric Bike and this has become a folding electric bicycle a major advantage.

4. Greener

The battery of electric vehicles has been one of the most important parts of our attention. In addition to the battery will affect the mileage of electric vehicles, but also affect the weight of electric vehicles, life, Floding Electric Bike price and other aspects, in the mainstream of the battery type, lithium battery is currently the most suitable for electric vehicle battery type, with small size, light weight, large capacity, Floding Electric Bike The advantages of life, while the majority of folding electric bicycles are used in lithium-ion battery design, in addition to ensure that folding electric bicycles in the performance of better, Floding Electric Bike while lithium batteries is also a kind of environmentally friendly battery, so folding electric bicycle is a more environmentally friendly means of transport.

5. Safer

According to the current national standards for electric vehicles, electric bicycles still belong to the category of non-motorized vehicles, and the maximum speed of electric bicycles can not be greater than 20km/h, this standard also applies to folding electric bicycles, Floding Electric Bike so most of the market folding electric cars are limited to 20km/h within the speed limit, For electric bicycles, a certain speed limit for safety is very important, to a certain extent, also protect the safety of cyclists. Although the new national standards on electric vehicles will be introduced sooner or later, but predictably, the speed, weight and size of electric bicycles will have a certain limit, and these measures will give people a little confusion, but for security will undoubtedly have a great help.

6. More Versatile

In addition to the electric bicycle has the environmental protection, convenient, fast characteristics, Floding Electric Bike in the use of more comprehensive. It can extend the range of a folding electric car by helping to ride it like a bicycle. Collapsible design is also better adapted to the needs of portable travel, full Xu users of various uses. Folding Electric bicycle Large size wheel Yi, also let folding electric bicycle can adapt to more complex road conditions, in meeting the actual needs of the foundation, Folding electric bicycle more fun, more versatile use, but also a lot of people choose to fold the electric car one of the important reasons.