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Folding Electric Bicycles Can Be Quickly Folded

May 15, 2017

Folding electric bicycles can be quickly folded. Once in Argentina, the team of designers who worked and worked had a great deal of experience in the metropolitan traffic dilemma and decided to develop a smart bike that could change the personal Floding Electric Bike travel experience. Folding electric bicycles with aluminum material, weighs only 17kg, folded after the width of 900mm. In addition to the characteristics of a second folding, it also has the following functions: charge once a 60km

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Folding electric bike combined with tailor-made mobile phone APP, can achieve GPS navigation function, but also can be used as a record riding line of sports software

No need to inflate the solid tires, remove the tires were tied trouble

Crawler-driven, there will be no chain of the situation occurred

USB phone charging socket, when you reach the destination, your phone power has also been max

Smart lock, when you (actually your smartphone) 5 meters away from the bike, it will automatically lock.

LED intelligent lighting, smart lights controlled by the mobile phone App

Accounting for 10% -15% of the international electric bicycle market share.

Floding Electric Bike Every time you go out to walk are very upset, such as the nearby park to play when walking too tired, driving too much. Sometimes riding a bike encountered climbing on the step on the fixed, after all, legs short. Electric cars may be the best choice. But the traditional electric car is still a place, and electric cars do not let chaos ah. The The

Therefore, the bike size of the electric car is the best choice, if you can fold, carrying away, better.

Folding electric bike folding is very convenient, only three steps: down to the car seat, before and after folding, just 3 steps, 15 seconds to complete the folding, folded only 0.2 cubic meters, where are not occupied.

Folding electric bicycle body with a 4130 chrome molybdenum steel material, after the fork for the parallel design, shock effect is great. Transmission belt smooth, less noise and effort, long life of 100,000 km. Folding electric bicycle battery Floding Electric Bike powered lithium battery, the energy density is very high, the battery capacity 5.2 Ah.

Folding electric bicycle maximum speed of 25km / h, life mileage of 30-50km. Not only life is good, folding electric bike charging speed is also very fast, as long as 2 hours can be filled.

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