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Folding Electric Bicycles For Easy Movement And Storage

Sep 21, 2017

Folding electric bikes include a seat assembly, a handle assembly, a directional component, a frame assembly, a human-driven component and a front wheel and a rear wheel, characterized in that the folding electric bicycle is also provided with an electric power drive assembly, which includes a power supply box that is arranged on the frame assembly, The seat assembly is positioned between the rear wheels and the power supply box is provided with a built-in battery, Floding Electric Bike a power switch and a charging interface. The invention not only improves the folding mode of bicycles, but also rationally designs the power system of the lithium battery in the bicycle structure, improves the driving power of the bicycle, and makes the folding electric bicycle have the characteristics of strong power, convenient use, easy movement and storage.

Folding electric bicycles Excellent performance is increasingly favored by young people who love sports. Whether it is to travel, or to work folding electric vehicles can meet our needs, Floding Electric Bike can be said to be electric cars, bicycles, folding cars, booster cars, speed-changing car combination, but also to solve some of the electric car ban city to work a family travel, parking or stolen problems. New things come into our lives with a lot of choices.

Folding Electric Bicycles: Features

Folding electric bike design concept stems from the old wheel big rear wheels small bike, giving a unique feeling. The rider can sit upright, while the feet are firmly on the footstool, and the rider does not have to trample the board, thus saving a lot of energy. Lithium phosphate batteries can be filled with 80% of electricity within 20 minutes. Folding electric bikes are a new type of electric vehicle, combining the dual advantages of folding bikes and electric bicycles.

Folding electric bicycles are easy to use, easy to damage, Floding Electric Bike more in line with modern aesthetic characteristics. Minthda with a top-notch design, folding patented technology. has become a leading figure in folding electric bicycles.

Folding electric bicycles have a variety of multi-functional folding electric bicycles, whether urban roads or suburban mountains, can be tunnels. Minthda After-sales service team is composed of technicians with many years experience. Floding Electric Bike Let buyers never worry, buy rest assured.

Folding Electric bicycle 36V folding electric speed bicycle 50 km couple male 20 inch. Super Endurance 50 km The actual parameter is not a theory. Has a strong six-speed structure.

Folding electric bicycles are a new way of folding. It does not even need to operate any organ (e.g. quick-disassembly, latch, and elastic screws) that can be easily folded or opened.

The fastest to collapse or open. Fold 0.6 seconds and open 0.3 seconds. Floding Electric Bike If you want to take it to the bus or take the subway, then when the bus or subway stops, you can start folding again.