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Folding Electric Bicycles Solve The Inconvenience Of People Traveling

Oct 09, 2017

With the continuous development of urbanization, electric vehicles have become an indispensable means of transportation in people's lives, and in electric vehicles there is a class of more special electric vehicles, which is folding electric bicycles, with its small portable, fast folding, life and other advantages, folding electric bicycles from fun to easy to use, Gradually into the people's lives, Floding Electric Bike for people's travel to provide a more convenient choice, and folding electric bicycle is also considered the most suitable for the "last kilometer" means of transport, to solve the people travel inconvenience, but also further expand the user group of electric vehicles.

The concept of folding electric bike design stems from the old-fashioned rear wheels of small bicycles, giving a unique feeling that lithium phosphate batteries can be filled with 80% of electricity within 20 minutes. Folding electric bikes are a new type of electric vehicle, combining the dual advantages of folding bikes and electric bicycles.

Another great advantage of folding electric bicycles is that the body is lightweight, compared to the traditional electric vehicle, will not give the rider heavy burden, Floding Electric Bike the general folding electric vehicle weight under 20kg, than the ordinary bicycle is more lightweight, even if the users living in the top, can also be folding electric bicycle easy to move home, This is also the most effective way to prevent the theft of electric cars. The operation is also very simple, the rider just sit straight body, feet firmly on the footstool, Floding Electric Bike no need to trample board, so save a lot of physical strength.

In addition to the electric bicycle has the environmental protection, convenient, fast characteristics, in the use of more comprehensive. Collapsible design is also better adapted to the needs of portable travel, to meet the needs of multiple uses of users. Folding Electric Bikes Large size wheel Yi, Floding Electric Bike also allows folding electric bicycles to adapt to more complex road conditions.

1 folding electric bicycles are a brand new folding method. It does not even need to operate any organ (e.g. quick-disassembly, latch, and elastic screws) that can be easily folded or opened. This is the current market on any folding electric bicycles can not be done.

2 folds or opens fastest. Fold 0.6 seconds and open 0.3 seconds. If you want to take it to the bus or take the subway, then when the bus or subway stops, you can start folding again.

3 folding electric bikes are folded up after a small footprint, so it is more convenient to carry a bus or enter the subway than any folding bike on the market today. It is especially worth mentioning that it can also enter shops, hospitals, cinemas, classrooms, offices, and so on, Floding Electric Bike users carry it in daily work and life can be unimpeded. Ride fast. Since the two-stage drive is set to accelerate, the wheel diameter is small, but the speed of manpower is as fast as that of a large wheel.

4 further folding, the volume further reduced, at this time into the car tail box is very convenient. Full folding after the volume of 12-inch car for 710x180x670, 16-inch car for 850x180x750.