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Folding Electric Bicycles To Meet The User's Riding Needs

Aug 31, 2017

With the continuous development of urbanization, electric vehicles have become an indispensable means of transportation in people's lives, and in electric vehicles there is a class of more special electric vehicles, which is folding electric bicycles, with its small portable, fast folding, Floding Electric Bike life and other advantages, folding electric bicycles from fun to easy to use, Gradually into the people's lives, for people's travel to provide a more convenient choice, Floding Electric Bike and folding electric bicycle is also considered the most suitable for the "last kilometer" means of transport, to solve the people travel inconvenience, but also further expand the user group of electric vehicles.

For folding electric Bicycles This new type of transport, the current consumer is mainly concentrated in the young user groups, which requires not only the electric bicycle to have a stylish appearance, Floding Electric Bike but also in the performance of the more outstanding, in the function also to be more rich, to meet the needs of different users riding.

Folding Electric Bicycle Features:

1. Folding Electric bicycles is a new way of folding. It does not even need to operate any organ (e.g. quick-disassembly, latch, and elastic screws) that can be easily folded or opened. Floding Electric Bike This is the current market on any folding electric bicycles can not be done.

2. Folding or opening speed is the fastest. Fold 0.6 seconds and open 0.3 seconds. If you want to take it to the bus or take the subway, then when the bus or subway stops, Floding Electric Bike you can start folding again.

This is also the current market on any folding electric bicycles can not be done.

3.50 percent folds can be carried out and stand as if they were not folded. Plus it folds down to cover a small area, so it is more convenient to carry in a bus or into the subway than any folding bike on the market today. Floding Electric Bike It is especially worth mentioning that it can also enter shops, hospitals, cinemas, classrooms, offices, and so on, users carry it in daily work and life can be unimpeded. This is also the current market on any folding electric bicycles can not be done.

4. Ride safely. At present, there is a kind of short mini bike which does not fold, Floding Electric Bike although it is convenient to carry, but the ride is unsafe, easy to flip or rewind. The folding electric bike ride is safe and reliable and will not turn backwards.

5. Ride fast. Since the two-stage drive is set to accelerate, Floding Electric Bike the wheel diameter is small, but the speed of manpower is as fast as that of a large wheel.

6. Further folding, the volume further reduced, at this time into the car tail box is very convenient. Full folding 12-inch car for 710x180x670 16-inch car for 850x180x750

7. Light weight 12-inch vehicle for 15.5 kg 16-inch car for 16.5 kg

8. It can be driven by electricity or by manpower. Floding Electric Bike When the need for fitness or battery run out, then select the human driver.

9. Battery: 24V 9AH

10. Motor: 24V 180W Brushless Motor

11. Power Drive Speed: 5km/hours (fully in line with national speed limit requirements for electric vehicles)

12. Mileage per charge: 25 km to 30 km