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Folding Electric Bike Ride Fast

Oct 27, 2017

Folding electric bike design concept from the old front wheel large rear wheel small bike, giving a unique feeling, the use of lithium phosphate battery can be filled in 80 minutes 80% of the electricity. Folding electric bikes are new electric cars that combine the advantages of folding bicycles and electric bikes.

Folding electric bike is another big advantage is the body light, compared to the traditional electric car, will not give the rider to bring a heavy burden, Floding Electric Bike the general weight of the folding electric car are below 20kg, even lighter than the ordinary bike More, even if living in high-level users, you can also fold the electric bike easily moved to the home, and this is the most effective way to prevent electric car theft. Floding Electric Bike Operation is also very simple, ride only need to sit straight body, feet firmly on the footstool, without strenuous pedal, so save a lot of physical strength.

In addition to electric bicycles with electric vehicles environmentally friendly, convenient and fast features, the use of more comprehensive. Foldable design is also better adapted to the needs of portable travel, to meet the needs of users of various purposes. Folding electric bike large-size wheel Yi, Floding Electric Bike but also to fold electric bike to adapt to more complex road conditions.

 Folding electric bicycles with the use of more simple, easy to damage, more in line with modern aesthetic and so on. Min Sida with the top of the design, folding patent technology. Has become a leader in folding electric bicycles.

Stack electric bike has a variety of multi-functional folding electric bicycles, regardless of urban roads or suburbs mountain, can Rulvpingdi. People Sida after-sales service team all by the experience of many years of experience of the mechanic composition. Floding Electric Bike So that buyers never worry about, buy rest assured.

Folding electric bike is used in a new way of folding. It does not even need to operate any mechanism (eg quick release, latch, elastic screw) that can be easily folded or opened. This is currently on the market any folding electric bike can not do.

Fold or open the fastest. Fold 0.6 seconds, open 0.3 seconds. If you want to take it on the bus or take the subway, Floding Electric Bike then when the bus or subway stop, you start folding, can calmly.

Half-fold can be implemented as if it were not folded. Plus it is folded after the small footprint, so it is easy to carry into the bus or into the subway than any folding bike on the market today. It is particularly worth mentioning that it can also enter the shops, hospitals, cinemas, classrooms, offices, etc., Floding Electric Bike users carry it in daily work and life can be unimpeded.

Ride safety by Currently on the market there is a non-folding short mini bike, although easy to carry, but riding is not safe, easy to turn before or after the fall. While the folding electric bike ride safe and reliable, not before the turn down.

Riding fast. Because the two-stage drive is set to accelerate, Floding Electric Bike so although the wheel diameter is small, but the human speed and speed as big as the big wheel.

Further folding, then the volume further reduced, this time into the car rear box is very convenient.

Compact and portable features, a charge can travel 20 miles, the maximum speed of 15 miles, driving the location of the briefcase and mobile phone, Floding Electric Bike folded easily into the office, it is too suitable for crowded bus and subway office workers La!