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How To Protect The Electric Bike

Jun 21, 2017

Electric bicycles cheap, easy to travel, and now the streets can see the size of electric bicycles, but let the public worry is that car thieves are more and more, electric bicycles and their batteries were stolen repeatedly, then, electric bike How to prevent theft?

Buy a good car lock

Equipped with a high quality qualified car lock, is to prevent electric bicycle theft of the basic elements. Currently widely used electric bicycle anti-theft locks are mainly four types: cable lock: relatively strong, easy to lock the car on a fixed object. But relatively thick,  Electric Bike inconvenient to carry. U-shaped lock: lock large volume, lock body fixed, more solid. But the lock, unlock relatively inconvenient. Steel pipe lock: easy to use, low cost, high utilization rate. Brake lock anti-theft lock: derived from the ordinary lock, it will brake pads and anti-theft lock combination to achieve axle brake, anti-theft lock integration, with a hidden, solid features,  Electric Bike a higher defensive ability.

Electric bicycle lock manufacturers a lot, according to statistics there are more than 200 common market, the purchase should pay attention to the following five aspects:

1 purchase high visibility,  Electric Bike product quality and stability, good after-sales service products produced by enterprises;

2 purchase should pay attention to check the product packaging, logo is complete, the contents of the manual is complete, can guide the completion of the installation of locks;

3 should pay attention to observe the appearance of the quality of the lock,  Electric Bike including the plating surface is uniform color, with or without rust, exposed at the end, oxidation and other phenomena;

4 should pay attention to check the flexibility of the lock,  Electric Bike the key can naturally insert, whether the lock beam can naturally shut down, open;

5 to check the weight of the car lock, the use of the material is true.

At the same time recommended to lock the electric bike to note the following:

1 do not use the car when the car dealers presented the car lock, according to the survey, the gift lock for the poor quality lock, more than a dozen dollars,  Electric Bike with a hammer in the lock card hit two can open.

2 at the same time the use of two different principles of the lock: electric bicycle thieves main unlock the means of theft is nothing more than a large forceps cut anti-theft lock or pry lock, the general thief will only bring a good tool, so the car at the same time install two different Type of lock, is a kind of effective anti-theft measures.

3 as far as possible the car and the ground lock, fixed objects locked together to prevent the handling of gangs stolen.