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Dec 21, 2016


Charger is a device for battery supplemental power, charging mode is generally divided into two stages and phases in two ways. Two-stage charging mode: constant voltage charge, rise of the charging current as the battery voltage decreases, such as battery added to some degree, the battery voltage rises to charger set value, when converted to a trickle charge. Three-stage charge mode: charging began, constant current charge, quickly add energy to the batteries; battery voltage rise to constant voltage charge battery slow to add at this time, the battery voltage to rise; if the charger the charging end voltage is reached, to trickle charge, supply and maintenance battery self-discharge of the battery current.


Battery is to provide electric energy with energy, electric cars using lead-acid battery combination. Nickel-metal hydride batteries and lithium-ion batteries have was used on some lightweight folding electric start.

Use tips: controller Control Board main circuit of electric vehicles, with large current, can make a considerable amount of heat. Therefore, the electric vehicle not parked in the Sun or rain for a long time, so as to avoid controller failures.