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Mountain Bike Style Pull The Wind

Jul 05, 2017

The mountain bike is a bike specially designed for walking off the road (hills, trails, wilderness and sandy gravel, etc.) and was born in San Francisco on the west coast of the United States in 1977.

This car is usually durable, use for many years will not bring you the trouble on the maintenance. General riding a mountain bike, and do not care about the weight of the bicycle itself, Mountain Electric Bike so its body structure is very strong.

A strong stability and adaptability

The mountain bike is suitable for all road and bad weather, faster than ordinary bicycles, stability relative to station wagons and road vehicles higher, in the rugged road, Mountain Electric Bike mountain bike speed spike the former two.

Two entry levels are low

ATX660 considered entry level, but the road car at least to OCR or R903 can be considered on the entry level. Road and mountain price gap between the two above 2000. The mountain car ATX770 level is equivalent to the TCR or Merida Fit top entertainment level.

Three modeling pull the wind

Individuals have personal views, but the mountain car rough mad frame and the lines of the water, really better.

Of course, there are bad, that is, too much friction, Mountain Electric Bike the speed of the highway can not be maintained for a long time, the road car is different, the road car friction is very small, the design is the way for the speed and health. But generally riding a mountain bike friends leg strength than riding a road car friends tough.

For love riding a friend, in the choice of bicycle style, we must choose the right style, such as mountain bike is very good. Although many people do not know the benefits of mountain bike, through the exchange with some professionals, the mountain bike than the average car benefits, in this an introduction, Mountain Electric Bike for everyone to have reference.

In general, the benefits of mountain biking are the following. First, the use of better performance. If you choose to ride in the mountains or more rugged mountain road, mountain bike effect is very good. On the one hand, long riding will not feel tired, due to the good performance of the bike, can give the rider to bring the body to relax. On the other hand, mountain bike speed better. Can let the rider to maintain enough physical strength. Second, riding feel very comfortable. Through the use of mountain bike, Mountain Electric Bike so that the ride from the experience of comfort, despite the higher price of mountain bike, but in the long run, very suitable for field riding, is a very good equipment. Third, to enhance the taste. If the rider chose the mountain bike, to some extent also enhance the taste, the more advanced mountain bike, the higher the taste.

Above the mountain bike and the general situation of the car were analyzed, in particular, introduced the benefits of mountain bike. For people who love riding, the choice of appropriate equipment is particularly important, if you do not understand the problem, you can consult more friends, from which to understand.