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Mountain Bike To Become The Pursuit Of Urban Youth Fashion

Jul 18, 2017

Mountain bike: frame structure is relatively strong, rigid requirements are relatively strong, before the shock, or soft tail, tires pattern thick, with a very flexible handling. Use: mountain race, stimulating, challenging. Riding environment: mountain, forest road.

The mountain bike is designed specifically for cross-country (hills, trails, wilderness and sandy gravel, etc.) designed to walk the bike, which was born in 1977. The characteristics of the mountain bike features the San Francisco mountain bike. At that time, a group of young people interested in riding a beach bike on the slopes of the young people, whim: "If you can ride a bike from the mountain speeding down, must be very interesting." Mountain Electric Bike Then began off-road bike design, officially named mountain bike It is two years later. Since then, the "downhill" as a new game in sports competitions, athletes riding a mountain bike along the provisions of the downhill line high-speed slip, speed fast wins, attracting a lot of enthusiasts. Although the bike began in Europe, but the Americans invented the mountain bike but swept away the traditional concept of cycling, Mountain Electric Bike a new wind blowing all over the world.


The main features of the mountain bike are: wide tires, straight, before and after the shock, riding more comfortable. Wide and multi-tooth tires provide grip, Mountain Electric Bike with shock absorbers absorbing shocks. In recent years, the application of the former shock absorber has become the standard, and the vehicle has been becoming more and more popular. Some mountain bike began to use the vice, Mountain Electric Bike but the angle of the cross has become a fashion. In the DH car more than 800mm of the horizontal has been more common.

Mountain bike, with a large rigidity, flexible walking and other characteristics, riding do not have to choose the road, regardless of street roaming or leisure travel have received wide acclaim, the rider can enjoy a variety of road environment to enjoy a comfortable ride pleasure

Mountain bike, because of its strong, rough, innovative appearance, colorful eye-catching colors, superior riding performance, and soon become the pursuit of urban youth fashion. Mountain bikes, all kinds of components are different from ordinary bicycles, Mountain Electric Bike with a buffer effect, good seismic performance tires, solid and solid, the material stiffness of the frame, easy to fatigue and even on the steep slope of the ramp can also ride Of the transmission, etc., are more suitable for mountain bike with mountain climbing, picnic travel.

Mountain bike, speed generally 18 speed, 20 speed, 21 speed, 24 speed, 27 speed and 30 speed. The correct use of the transmission, to cope with Ping Road, downhill, dirt road, Mountain Electric Bike wind and other complex road conditions and climate, faster than ordinary bicycles much faster.

Long-distance riding, should be timely change governor, give full play to the characteristics of mountain bike. In general, should be slightly stronger at the foot is appropriate, if that a little "empty", it should immediately change the speed ratio;