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Technology Development

Dec 21, 2016

1. China's electric bicycle torque sensor technology and application on the technology of the IC controller has taken the leading position in the world, powerful companies have integrated electronic and digital technology application in the controller, motor valves control, charge control components, intelligent electric bicycle is the commanding heights of development in the future.

2. A conventional lead-acid batteries due to the weight may cause secondary pollution, large, slow charging rate, short life and become the Achilles heel of electric bicycles. China's nickel metal hydride battery technology has matured, lithium-ion battery safety issues once resolved, can also be popular. Leading electric bicycle manufacturing enterprises to invest more in research on new energy, reducing the cost of batteries, electric bikes more "source of life".

3. Strengthen the research on charging technique, substantially increasing charging efficiency, extend battery usage time. According to the experts, damaged batteries on the market 80% be bad charger charger bad. Chinese high-tech companies began research in this area, charged to regular amplitude pulses and digital control technology, control the loss of water in the battery during the charging process, ensuring the balance of charge, improving the service life of the battery.