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The Adaptability Of Mountain Bike Is Stronger

Sep 21, 2017

Mountain bike originated in the United States; walking flexibility, such as the characteristics of the ride without the choice of road, whether street roaming or leisure travel has been widely praised, cyclists can enjoy a variety of road environment in the enjoyment of comfortable riding pleasure, because of its rugged, rugged, innovative appearance, colorful, dazzling color, Superior riding performance, Mountain Electric Bike quickly become the pursuit of urban youth fashion; mountain bike, a variety of components are different from ordinary bicycles, with cushioning effect, good anti-seismic performance of the tires, strong and strong, material steel frame, Mountain Electric Bike not easy to fatigue hand and even on the steep ramp can be carefree ride of the transmission, etc., All make the mountain bike more suitable and mountain cross-country, outing travel, the speed generally has 10 speed, 12 speed, 15 speed, 18 speed and 21 speed. The correct use of transmission, can cope with the flat road, up and down slope, dirt road, wind and other complex road conditions and climate, faster than the ordinary bicycle labor-saving much.

Mountain bike can be divided into three categories: cross-country, speed drop, double rotation. Because of the rapid drop and double rotation professionalism is very strong, Mountain Electric Bike and the price is relatively expensive, so off-road vehicles should be accepted by the public, its price moderate (about 2000, 3000 yuan), the use of a wide range (can be in the mountains, road ride).

The mountain bike has a shock absorber system, a tooth tire, a wider tire, a lower tyre, a straight or a swallow. Adaptable, can take a variety of roads.

Mountain Bike: Frame structure is relatively strong, rigid requirements are stronger, Mountain Electric Bike there is a front shock, or soft tail, tire pattern thicker, with very flexible control. Use: Mountain racing, stimulating, challenging. Riding environment: Mountain, Forest Road.