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The Electric Bicycle Is The Battery As The Auxiliary Energy

Oct 18, 2017

Electric bicycles are an important means of livelihood for residents to use for daily transportation and recreation. With the rapid improvement of people's living standards, electric bicycles are popular because of their low-carbon, economical, energy-saving and convenient.

The electric bicycle is the battery as the auxiliary energy, has two wheels, can realize the human to ride, the electric or the electric movement function special bicycle. Electric bicycles are generally composed of electrical systems, control systems, decorative parts, body parts, car accessories. The electrical system mainly includes the motor, the controller, the accumulator, the transformer, flasher, lamp, horn,  Electric Bike cable and other components; The control system is composed of a speed control, a brake, a brake pull line, a brake, a five-switch, etc. the decorative part mainly includes the body covering and the rear box, etc.  Electric Bike the body parts mainly include the frame, the front fork, the handlebar, After the flat fork, rear hanger, saddle, shaft, rear shock absorber and other special components and other such as Flywheel, chain, chain, such as the general standard parts; with the car accessories from the charger, bumper, rearview mirror and other components. The core components of electric bicycles are frame, battery, motor, controller and charger.

I. Composition of electric bicycles:

(1) Frame

The frame is the main part of the electric bicycle, is the whole vehicle other parts of the installation connection, and bear all the load,  Electric Bike it is related to the rider in the process of personal safety.

(2) Motor

A motor is a part that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy and rotates the wheels of an electric bicycle. The type of motor, according to its current form,  Electric Bike can be divided into AC motor, DC motor, etc., according to the structure of the form can be divided into disk-type motor, hub-type motor, and so on, according to the magnetic field generated way can be divided into switched reluctance motor,  Electric Bike rare earth Permanent magnet motor. At present, the most commonly used motor on electric bicycles is rare earth permanent magnet Brushless Gear hub DC motor, rare earth permanent magnet brushless toothed hub type DC motor, and a small number of other types of motor.

(3) Battery

Battery is to provide electric bicycle energy storage device, electric bicycle batteries are mainly divided into lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries.

(4) Controller

The controller is the heart of electric bicycle electric system, also is the core component of electric bicycle energy management and various signal processing,  Electric Bike it has undervoltage or over-current protection function. Intelligent controller also has a variety of riding mode and vehicle electrical components self-test function.

(5) Charger

The charger is an electrical device to replenish the battery, converts the alternating current into a direct current and controls its voltage and current charged to the storage battery.

II. Major policies and laws and regulations of the industry

Electric bicycle manufacturing industry is an important livelihood industry in China. Facing the fact of global warming and the current situation of China's relative shortage of petroleum resources, the development of electric bicycle industry is in line with China's national conditions and has broad prospects for development. To this end, the state has put forward a series of industrial policies to support the development of the industry,  Electric Bike at the same time promulgated the relevant regulations, standards on the electric bicycle industry to standardize.

With the development of electric bicycle technology to mature and practical, electric bicycle in addition to energy saving, economic, environmental protection, and also has a motor vehicle labor-saving characteristics, in line with the current Chinese consumer consumption characteristics and needs,  Electric Bike after a few years of growth has a huge consumer groups. Since its development, China has become the world's largest producer and consumer of electric bicycles, with annual output and consumption accounting for more than 90% of the world's total production and consumption. China's electric bicycle industry has gone through three stages of development, namely,  Electric Bike the starting stage, the rapid development stage and the mature stage.