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The Mountain Bike Attracts Many Lovers

May 15, 2017

The mountain bike is a bike designed for walking off the road (hills, trails, wilderness and sandy gravel, etc.) and was born Mountain Electric Bike in San Francisco on the west coast of the United States in 1977. At that time, a group of young people interested in riding a beach bike on the slopes of the young people, whim: "If you can ride a bike from the mountain speeding down, must be very interesting." Then began off-road bike design, officially named mountain bike It is two years later. Since then, the "downhill" as a new game in sports competitions, athletes riding a mountain bike along the provisions of the downhill line high-speed slip, speed fast wins, attracting a lot of enthusiasts. Although the bike began in Europe, but the Americans invented the mountain bike but swept away the traditional concept of cycling, a new wind blowing all over the world. Has now been more and more Chinese young people like to become a healthy fashion movement by the people welcome.

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Mountain bikes are generally made of aluminum or carbon fiber, also used scandium (very few). The advantages of aluminum and carbon fiber are light weight, do not rust, and easy to shape. And aluminum and carbon fiber also grade points. Mainly in strength, welding process, the thickness of the pipe / carbon cloth layer, and so on.

Mountain Electric Bike Shock absorber with the principle of car shock absorber is basically the same, in general there are two: air pressure shock and spring shock. Pneumatic shock absorber advantage is adjustable rebound strength, light weight. The more damped sections are, the more expensive the price is. Fox fork also has a variable version of the compression (RLC, that is, Rebound, Lock, Compress, rebound, lock, compression are adjustable). But need to pay attention to the shock absorber stroke need to match the type of frame, the general XC level car, fork travel 80mm ~ 120mm, AM fork travel 140mm ~ 160mm, FR and DH can consider more than 160mm travel. Good shock absorbers can be a good filter size shock, while avoiding the brake and encountered a large vibration when the situation is unstable. While the low-end shock absorber is either a shock effect of almost 0, either linearly poor, easy to base, rebound too slow or too fast, adjustable range and very little or almost no.

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Mountain bike general low-end transmission materials are steel, such as the use of plastic, and the processing of low precision, low strength, heavy weight. High-end transmission is generally the majority of aluminum + small part of the steel, refers to the use of aluminum, and many of the higher strength requirements of the parts are CNC machining, precision, Mountain Electric Bike strength and weight can be done very well. Such as XT above the level of CNC hollow crank, CNC dental plate, CNC dial, and SRAM XX CNC flywheel (this goods really great). Another part of the variable speed system is the back of the dial. Like Shimano XT and above, even with a one-way damping bearing to keep the chain stable. There are some after the use of carbon legs to improve the strength. There is also an easy to overlook the place where the speed line and wire. Ordinary speed line and line lubrication is poor, with not smooth. High-end variable speed lines and wire tubes (such as XTR) coated with Teflon material, feel very light is very simple, more conducive to accurate speed.

Brakes are divided into line pull / hydraulic V brake and wire pull / hydraulic disc brake. V brake is low cost, high reliability, easy to maintain, good hydraulic disc brake light weight, good linearity, clip / piston strength, heat attenuation is very small (mainly by high-quality DOT oil or mineral oil, and similar XTR Like the oil dish is still to make the film added radiator). Disc discs are also important. The first is the need for light, while ensuring high strength, will Mountain Electric Bike not easily deflection or fracture, the other requirements of good ventilation, conducive to heat. The more well-known high-quality discs are Shimano's sandwich discs and Hope's floating discs.

The most expensive part of the mountain bike: the frame. Frame with good material, design, function has a great relationship. The frame is divided into soft and hard shelves. General soft tail is more suitable for high-intensity riding, and hard frame is usually stopped at the XC level. Soft tail belt after the shock absorber (hundreds of dollars of domestic mountain bike also after the shock, but that cargo is not in the scope of discussion), after the shock absorber prices tend to exceed the fork, mainly because the good after the shock absorber is usually Double air chamber design, to avoid rendering, and the second gas chamber filled with inert gas inside. In addition, the rear shock absorber more emphasis on linear and rebound. The welding process of the frame is also very important, directly determines the strength of the vehicle

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