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The Principle Of Electric Bicycles

Jul 28, 2017

For people who know about electric bikes, but not necessarily know the main components of electric bicycles, brushless motor, controller, battery; Take the common two-wheeled electric bicycle in the market for example, there is a rectangular aluminum shell is the controller, exposed many wire and electric bicycle connection, the following introduction of the electric bicycle on the main function of the controller:

The controller is divided into different power according to the model (that is, the controller appearance size), the different voltage;  Electric Bike The controller mainly accepts the user's control instruction, the battery to the motor's energy controls, the controller is equivalent to the electric bicycle cerebrum, on the speed, the condition, the user's control analysis and conversion to achieve the whole vehicle acceleration,  Electric Bike deceleration, stop and so on, electric bicycle controller also has a very strong protection function, to prevent the electric bicycle crash, to prevent the user's low power cycling, to prevent motor lack of phase operation , with the alarm can also remotely start the whole car, anti-theft lock motor alarm and so on.

The Electric bicycle controller has the management chip inside, writes the software program, according to the different customer experience, very convenient to adjust at any time,  Electric Bike start the strength, start speed, electronic brakes, intelligent delay, timing sleep, fault repair, efficiency matching, noise reduction adjustment can extend the function will be more and more, making electric bicycle design user experience more humane, functional aspects of the basic knowledge of electric bicycle controller is also introduced.

The principle of electric bicycle controller is mainly the current control circuit,  Electric Bike responsible for driving motor rotation, and can be adjusted at any time, so how to regulate it?

Then you can continue to see what is the internal circuit of electric bicycle controller working principle is how it!

Electric Bicycle Battery: Is the power source of electric bicycle, energy carrier, used for driving motor, the battery voltage determines the working voltage of the whole vehicle, and the battery capacity is proportional to the continuation process of the whole vehicle.

Electric bicycles commonly used in the structure of lead-acid batteries mainly by the battery shell, anode plate, negative plate, clapboard, electrolyte, terminals, sealants,  Electric Bike safety valves and other components constitute

The types of batteries can be divided into: lithium-ion batteries, nickel-hydrogen batteries, colloid batteries and maintenance-free lead-acid batteries. It is commonly used in colloidal batteries and lead-acid batteries.

According to the voltage can be divided into 6V, 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 60V, 64V and so on. The most common use of electric bicycles is 48V.

According to the capacity specifications can be divided into: 10AH, 12AH. 17AH, 20AH, 22AH and so on. Electric bicycles are commonly used in 12AH and 20AH batteries.

Electric Bicycle Motor: Converts the chemical energy of the battery into mechanical energy, which can be turned into mechanical traction, the wheel rotates,  Electric Bike the working voltage of the motor is inversely proportional to the working current, and the power of the motor is in direct proportion to the climbing ability.

Electric Bicycle Controller: Control the output current of the battery, and the voltage to control the motor speed and power, that is, the whole vehicle speed, to control the whole vehicle effect. The main function is stepless speed regulation, brake power off, current limiting protection, undervoltage protection, speed limit, speed display, 1:1 booster and so on.