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The Purchase Skill Of Electric Bicycle

Aug 31, 2017

Electric bicycles are very suitable for China's national conditions, very promising green transportation. Its popularization and application is a major measure to solve the difficulties of ordinary people and to alleviate the city's air pollution. Electric bicycles are currently the only technology in all types of electric vehicles are relatively mature, can be high-volume production and commercialization of the type.

The seven major advantages of electric bicycles are:

* Zero emission from the road,  Electric Bike no pollution of the atmosphere;

* Price 23,000 yuan, hundred kilometers power consumption of only 1 degrees, people can accept;

* One-time charge can be 30-50 kilometers, can solve the needs of urban cycling workers, there is a greater market demand;

* The speed is not high,  Electric Bike 15 kilometers an hour or so, (especially the light pedal smart electric bicycle) does not pose a threat and safety problem to other human bicycles and pedestrians;

* Most of the spare parts used in common with bicycles, easy to repair;

* User day use, midnight charge, is conducive to the power department balance load;

* The large number of electric bicycles listed and exported,  Electric Bike can generate new industries and valuable economic growth points.

How to choose an electric bike

Style selection

1. There are 3 kinds of driving modes of electric vehicles: one is hub-driven, the other is the middle-type drive, and a kind of suspension drive. The electric bicycle in the market is driven mainly by the hub,  Electric Bike and the wheel drive is good after wheel drive, the front wheel drive performance is relatively poor.

2. The location of the battery, from the balance of the vehicle and the upper and lower car convenient to consider, to the battery placed in the frame of the slanting pipe or the position of the tube is good,  Electric Bike the configuration of the battery is basically a cost-effective lead-acid battery. At present, most electric bicycles use 36v12ah lead-acid batteries; 24v12ah battery because of the short mileage, consumers choose less.

Functional Style Selection

1. Standard type: This kind of electric vehicle motor power is generally 150W, the characteristic is the modelling concise smooth, continues the mileage in the 40~50km, the operation is simple,  Electric Bike the price is moderate, the price is in the 2000~2600 yuan, is suitable for the commute distance longer, the work, the life has certain mobile user use.

2. Multifunction type: This kind of electric vehicle is generally on the basis of the standard type to increase the front fork shock absorber, saddle shock, headlamp, electric horn, and so on,  Electric Bike it is characterized by more functions, ride a more comfortable, night use is also more convenient. The price is usually around 2500~3000 yuan.

3. Luxury: This type of electric vehicle is characterized by a new style of luxury, more full-featured, usually in the handlebar on the additional dashboard to display speed, mileage, voltage, electricity, etc., and some also equipped with turning lights, language hints, rearview mirror, toolbox,  Electric Bike safety nets and so on. The price is usually around 3000~3400 yuan.