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The Seismic Performance Of Mountain Bike Is Good

Jul 28, 2017

The mountain bike is a mountain bike designed for off-road (hilly, footpath, wilderness and sandy gravel), and was born in San Francisco, the West coast of the United States, in 1977.

This kind of car is usually durable, and the use of many years will not bring you trouble in maintenance. A mountain bike that rides generally does not pay much attention to the weight of the bike itself, so its body structure is very strong.

The main characteristics of mountain bikes are: wide tires, straight, Mountain Electric Bike with shock absorption before and after, riding more comfortable. Wide and many-toothed tires provide grip, shock absorber absorption shock. In recent years, the application of shock absorption has become standard, and the damping of the vehicle is becoming more and more popular. Some mountain cars are starting to use the pair, Mountain Electric Bike but the angle of the rising sideways has become fashionable. In the DH car above 800mm is more common.

Mountain bike, with a large rigidity, flexible walking and other characteristics, do not have to choose the road when riding, whether or not the street roaming or leisure travel has been widely praised, cyclists can enjoy a variety of road conditions in the enjoyment of comfortable ride fun

Mountain bike, because of its rugged, rugged, novel appearance, Mountain Electric Bike colorful and dazzling color, superior riding performance, soon become the pursuit of urban youth fashion. Mountain bike, various parts are different from ordinary mountain bike, has the cushion function, Mountain Electric Bike the anti-seismic performance good tire, the solid sturdy, the material rigidity big frame, the difficult hand to be able to be weary and even if on the steep ramp also can comfortably ride the transmission and so on, all make the mountain bike is more suitable with the mountain-climbing, the outing travel.

Mountain bike, the speed generally has 18 speed, 20 speed, 21 speed, 24 speed, 27 speed and 30 speed. The correct use of transmission, can cope with the flat road, up and down slope, dirt road, Mountain Electric Bike wind and other complex road conditions and climate, than the ordinary mountain bike faster and more labor-saving.

Long-distance ride, should be timely change speed regulator, give full play to the specialty of mountain bikes. Generally speaking, Mountain Electric Bike should be a sense of strength at the foot is appropriate, if feel a little "empty", should immediately change the speed ratio;

As a means of transportation, mountain bike is gradually integrated into various fields with the development of society. The mountain bike is the key to the tour of Qinghai Lake, Mountain Electric Bike and the staff of the base must have an accurate understanding of the use and function of the components of the mountain bike before departure. Only by understanding the way to the lake in order to make better use of it.

The main parts and uses of mountain bike are detailed below, I hope we can help you.

Code table:

Mountain Bike Code meter is used to calculate mileage and speed of electronic products. For example, the current speed, riding mileage, riding time and so on, high-end code table with elevation, air pressure, slope display and so on. The working principle of the Code table is: The sensor captures the information brought by the induction magnet when the rims rotate, and transmits it to the code table through the connecting line, Mountain Electric Bike then calculates the speed, mileage and so on by the Code table, and displays the information to the rider.


The function of the mountain bike variable speed system is to change the speed by changing the combination of the chain and the different front and rear sized gears. The size of the front gear plate and the size of the rear gear plate determine the dynamics of the pedal. The larger the anterior teeth plate, the more the rear gear plate, the more laborious the pedal. The smaller the front gear plate, the larger the rear gear plate, the more relaxed the pedal. According to the ability of different riders, you can adjust the speed of the mountain vehicle by adjusting the size of the front and rear gear plate, or deal with different road sections and road conditions.


The flywheel is a wheel-like accumulator with a larger moment of inertia mounted on the rotary shaft of the machine. When the speed of the machine increases, Mountain Electric Bike the kinetic energy of the flywheel is increased, and the energy is stored up. When the speed of the machine decreases, the flywheel kinetic energy is reduced and the energy is released. Flywheels can be used to reduce the speed fluctuations of mechanical processes.

Portable Pump

Outdoor cycling Our biggest worry is that the mountain car is not gas, the pump body is placed in the mountain car vertical tube, the seat is fixed on the pump body. With the ability to replace the tube, the tire inflatable without moving open the seat, the highest position of the handle under the seat, Mountain Electric Bike the use and portability are convenient and so on.

Rear shelf:

Go out to bring some items to support our outdoor life, General mountain bike rack load is 50 kg, many cyclists in the way of the ride will be manned, although, in terms of the capacity of the shelf after the sitting is no problem, but the mountain car ride two people are overloaded, and also violate traffic regulations, Mountain Electric Bike strict management of the city, traffic police see the people with the bicycle is a fine education. At the same time this is also an important factor of cycling injury, so the cage, spokes folding, frame deformation, shelf deformation image may occur. So the rental base to prevent cyclists in the ride in the process of manned.